About us

Alcohol and Drugs Advisory Service (ADAS) supports individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug misuse enabling them to make positive lasting changes to improve the quality of their lives.

ADAS aims to develop non-judgmental, strong and supportive relationships with clients. These are based on professionalism, mutual respect, integrity and trust. We believe that, given the right level of support and encouragement, people are capable of achieving their goals.

Our values

  • We value people and treat them with respect and dignity
  • We value people’s strengths and capabilities to engage in the process of recovery
  • We value our clients’ views as these are vital in helping us to improve our service


Our Team

ADAS is fortunate that it has the support of a small team of dedicated and professional staff, and over 30 dedicated volunteers, who have been instrumental in evolving and growing our service. ADAS has been successful for its clients because of the great teamwork and passion displayed.


Our Trustees and Patron

The Directors, who also act as Trustees of the Charity, are responsible for determining the strategic objectives, management of reserves, risk management, policies and performance of the Charity in accordance with its contractual obligations. The Board comprises:

  • Carol Leach – Chair of Board of Trustees
  • David Bladon – Honorary Treasurer
  • Bola Adesina
  • Phil Bradbury
  • Paul Harvey
  • Marc Preston
  • Claire Strudwick

Patron – Peter French

New Directors are sought through either general dialogue with local community organisations or advertisement.