Welcome to ADAS

- the West Essex Alcohol and Drug Service



Who are ADAS?


 ADAS aims to work in partnership to support individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug misuse to enable them to make positive lasting changes which improve the quality of their lives.

At ADAS we value people, and treat them with respect and dignity.

We value people's strengths and capabilities to engage in the process of recovery. We believe that given the right level of support and encouragement people are capable of achieving their goals.

The Charity was set up in response to a lack of services available for local people in the West Essex region with alcohol and/or drugs dependency problems and provides all services free of charge.

If you would like to make a donation please make a cheque payable to The West Essex Alcohol and Drugs Service and post to the address on contact page.

Our Vision

The ADAS vision is to work towards achieving a society that is free from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs.

In order to achieve this ADAS aims to:

• Remain innovative in the treatments that are provided so that individuals, families and children affected by alcohol and drug misuse and domestic violence experience a real and positive difference in their lives as a result of engagement with ADAS's services.

Enable and empower people to move on from substance misuse to realisation of their self-worth thus achieving their full potential.



What ADAS provides

  • Advice & information;
  • Assessment for appropriate treatment including Child Therapy, Child-Parent Relationship (Filial) Training and Family Therapy;
  • Community Alcohol Services;
  • A Child & Family Service;
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy (one to one);
  • Recovery Activity programmes;
  • Referral to Detoxification & Rehabilitation Programmes;
  • Relapse Prevention Courses (group);
  • Stress, Anxiety & anger management courses (group);


Community Alcohol Service (CAS)

ADAS has been working in the community across West Essex in the Harlow and Uttlesford local authority areas since 2011 to offer a tailored support package to patients with moderate to severe alcohol misuse. More...